Monday, February 9, 2009


what up everybody.the carnegie library show went pretty well,thanks to everybody comming was a bit weird performing hiphop at such a quiet place but it went over great and we got a chance to expose ourselves to an crowd who might otherwise not have heard us.thanks to renee for hooking it up and thanks to lisa for taking care of was fun...weird but fun.besides,when are you ever gonna something like that at a library??
by the way,we won't be at howlers cafe tuesday nights anymore as the musical guest during their comedy night due to schedule conflicts.we apoligize to anyone who has been looking to hear us there this past month.we might be hosting our own night there in the near future as soon as we figure out exactly what we want to do(DJs,live acts,drink specials,etc).we will keep you posted.thanks to jo for showing us so much love!!
one last thing,we have signed on with focotheory mgt.this will enable us to promote our music,book shows,etc with more ease than in the past.if you are a promoter and would like to book lucid music,just hit up focotheorys myspace page and address it to lance...if its an event in pittsburgh just hit us up on our page.ok,i'm audi 5000!!( i just took it back with that one!)

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