Saturday, March 7, 2009

" INDUSTRY RULE # 4080..."

"...record company people are shady!" lucid music has severed ties with focotheory management.why you ask? they just weren't the right company for us to be involved make a long story short,we had certain expectations that were not met.we outlined our goals and what we wanted to accomplish out of our business relationship and nothing ever happened.meetings were missed,shows were not booked and there was an annoying lack of communication and endless supply of excuses.had we not had the foresight to take matters into our own hands,we wouldn't even have a cd release party booked!! in the two and a half months we were clients,they never even bothered to see us perform,check out the type of audience we attract or get to know us as's cool though.even if our time was "wasted"(get it? wasted?) we have no hard feelings toward focotheory and wish them the best...

ending on a good note,lucid music has teamed up with a company called POISON FREE.they are commited to promoting high self esteem and healthy lifestyles for our youth.go to and listen to the psa we recorded and while you're there,check out their clothing line too.we'll be rocking the gear at upcoming shows and poisonfree events...and also, the first lucid music tour is in the works...stay tuned.

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