Monday, April 6, 2009


yo lucid music would like to THANK EVERYONE who came out to the release party at belvederes friday night...because of y'all,it was damn near the perfect show. a special thanks to rezon8 and brian for hooking up the sound and keeping the party live during acts.another shout out to B for holding down the merch table and nolan for the door and a dope dj set to close out the evening.alot of people came out to support and it was really cool to not only see our friends but a good amount of new faces who hadn't ever seen us before.good lookin out to the short dark strangers for warming up the crowd and setting off the night on a good note...we've been performing with dana and the rest of the fellas for a couple of years now...they're actually responsible for bringing lucid music to the smiling moose and now the door has been opened for others to follow suit..they have a hiphop night there now...

so yeah,like i said,everything went well and exceeded our expectations despite that warren had to rap with a runny nose and marcus had to grab the mic to remind everyone that even though you might have tried to sneak in without paying,you STILL HAVE TO PAY,...we sold a good amount of new albums as well as the last album and we FINALLY got rid of the lucid music t-shirts...speaking of t-shirts,i fully expect to see y'all rockin'em throughout the city this summer...a few girls wanted some smaller sizes but trust me,wash em and they WILL shrink..i speak from experience!

so again,THANK YOU!!

thanks to the belvederes staff who took care of us as usual...what up to the dreadnots,triangle and rhino,the house of assassins , zack and kelly,cash,darin and his boy(i'm sorry, i forgot your name!)...and my boys from Ds who actually did what they said and came out. "...the only way to thank you is to hold down the fort!.."

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