Sunday, May 24, 2009

some good news and some bad news

okay,bad news first.we are sad to announce that dj jones will no longer be performing with lucid music.these things happen and thats just how business goes.there are ABSOLUTELY NO HARD FEELINGS and we want to thank stephen for his contribution to the was hella fun while it lasted but i guess nothing lasts forever.don't get it twisted though,stephen may not be on stage with us but he is still family.don't be surprised if you hear warren's vocals on an upcoming dj jones project.i guess this means our last two albums are collecters items (yeah i said it) so be sure to hit up i-tunes and download " THEY'RE NOT READY" and " THE ADVENTURES OF THE INVISIBLE BAND". as for lucid music, its back to business and we're gonna keep on keeping on...

on a lighter note,our last show as a trio was at the prevention network, a school for at risk youth sponsered by POISONFREE.ORG. i don't think the kids were ready( get it? not ready..i got a million of em folks) for our type of style but for the most part it went well.they're probably more into lil wayne but they seemed open to the positive message we dropped on'em...halfway through the set we passed the mic to a couple of the kids who were aspiring emcees...they got a better crowd response then us!!! it was all love and we felt pretty good about the show.good lookin out to brooks for capturing the event on film so we should have some footage of it up soon...lucid music,we do it for the kids and free t-shirts

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