Sunday, May 3, 2009

we got mics,when do we go??

Since before we finished the new album we were planning on setting up a tour.the actual plan changed a number of times due to certain people frontin...first it was gonna be a month of shows in london,then it was supposed to be a month of shows in the united make a long story short,its hard to find good help so we set up our own dates.its not really a tour,its more like a few venues that said "sure,we'll book you!" which is cool with us since our only out of town experience so far has been this summer we're gonna be taking it on the road to places like new york,new jersey,vermont and even are we pulling this off? don't ask cuz we don't know,we're just excited that we have an opportunity to expose our music to a wider range of far as we know MAY 9TH is out last pgh show before we hit the road...theres one more show after that but its at a school and won't be open to the public...then its off to new york...we'll probably have more pgh shows booked closer to the fall when the weather prevents us from travelling..check the myspace page for dates and locations... if you got any friends/family who live in those areas,let them know whats up with lucid music...PEACE

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