Sunday, August 23, 2009


just kidding it wasn't like that...i just like that title and its a pretty good movie if u haven't seen it lucid music left for ny at 4am...the greyhound was in our budget and yes the 9 hour drive sucked...u see the most insane people when u go greyhound for real...we got to ny around 3pm and had mad time to kill before sound check at 6pm...we got to the lower village area and had a few slices of ny pizza before arriving at the venue,Webster hall.this place is huge with about 4 floors for performances...the most high profile venue we've ever been in so far...we chilled for an hour til the promoter got there and had a sound check...the sound was cool but unfortunately the promoter booked the only room WITHOUT monitors so none of the acts were going to be able to hear big deal we've dealt with it before we'll be dealing with it the night gets started and the turnout was not what the promoter expected(there was a 25 dollar cover at the door and only Internet promotion so that might have had something to do with it).it was only the acts and about fifteen people most of whom were part of the promoters team...again who cares we've played to plenty of empty chairs and ashtrays before...the first two acts go on then we hit the stage...halfway through the set we noticed a bunch of people piling in...there were multiple shows going on at Webster hall that night and i think that after a certain time all rooms are open to everyone cuz next thing we know the place is packed!...then halfway through our second to last song the music got cut off..i don't know who was responsible cuz they never came forward to explain thing we know the first two acts are back on stage performing the exact same material during their first far as we were told we would be closing out the night..true we agreed to do a twenty min set and we probably went over our time by a few minutes but what did it matter since we were closing and now there was a huge crowd?? ...we did it free of charge and endured a 9 hour bus ride to get there so we felt that a few extra minutes wouldn't be a big deal..apparently it was...i don't know if the other performers felt like they didn't get a chance to shine in front of a crowd so they had something else to prove or what but it was unprofessional the way it was handled...we weren't upset about it...lucid music represented hiphop and root70lounge lovely that night and our sound brought the crowd we ripped shit then headed back to the bus station to leave around 3am that morning...i'm not even gonna comment on the idiots we had to ride with...people were cutting in front of others who had been waiting in line to get on the bus for hours...damn,is it that serious...quite a few honeys blew their finesse acting ugly..especially this one broad from philly...she cut in front of everybody and then had the nerve to say "oh does the line start back there? i didn't know that!''....brilliant deduction sherlock,yes the line starts back there...or did you not notice the 50 people and their luggage who were standing in front of and behind you??? ...FALL BACK ...the bus driver looked so bothered about the way people were acting he seemed to consider driving us off a bridge..i don't blame him...that what i would have done right after jumping out of the driver side anyway i'm glad we got a chance to perform at Webster hall...the set got ripped...another experience on the road...looking forward to plenty of more but next time we're gonna fly or at least take the train,t-t-take the train...PEACE

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