Tuesday, January 26, 2010

what up?? sorry we've been neglecting the blog but i just bought a computer of my own so from now on this will stay current...not that anybodys reading this or that i have hella exciting news but whatever...so we have started putting tracks together for album number 5..no title as of yet...just a bunch of beats and random verses but it ought to be dope...different than the last album but we've tried to do that with every album...still gonna hit you with the boom bap beats and fluid rhymes...we've recently purchased some new equipment to produce and record with...we'll be handling the production of course as always...as far as shows well you know thats what we're about so we got a few things lined up locally and out of state...chi-town, new york and a few other places..that is if they ever return our emails..its all good though..we won't let that stop us from setting up a tour...no booking agent as of yet so its all on us...if you live in the pittsburgh area then come on out to GOOSKI'S SAT 27 FEB...we'll be performing with pancake and our homies triangle and rhino...the first time hiphop has been performed there from what i know besides the legendary dreadnots...t&r will be joining us on a few lucid music songs so it should be pretty dope...we'll also be performing them live on WRCT 88.3 THURSDAY 9PM FEB 25.it will be a split set between us and t&r...you can listen to the broadcast on the web...we'll be at our homebase HOWLERS COYOTE CAFE MARCH 20 SAT with seven years war...another act to be announced..um what else..marcus's solo album should be out next month so check it...warren and dj dr jones are still working on the wing kong trading company album so check that too..also dj jones is featured on the new RETURN OF THE DJ comp...out now...track listing number one...thats right...check the myspace page for the out of town lucid dates and i think thats it for now...PEACE!

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