Thursday, July 15, 2010

august 17th is the date!!

what up everybody? just wanted to let y'all know that august 17th is the release date for our bombhiphop debut of "adventures of the invisible band-redux"...available for worldwide download on i-tunes...this new version of the album will feature the original cover art and song sequence and also contains two new remixes by dj adamatic and rockpound...pop on over to for all our other albums...
the new album is coming along and marcus actually got together today and went over a few verses...still deciding on an album title but that will be coming very shortly...i wanted to call it "bitches,guns and drugs" but for some strange reason the fellas didn't like that idea...oh well I'll suggest it again for a mixtape or something...we also have been talking about putting a little something something together for free download in the meantime...we got a bunch of material lying around that didn't make any of the albums...if we do actually hook up a mixtape it won't be like all these other corny will actually be MIXED by a real DJ and you can expect plenty of cuts on it...
OK i think that's about it for now...stay tuned for more really really really exciting details...just kidding i don't know about y'all but I'm hella excited!!!
one last thing...this just in via marcus...our song "venue to venue" will be up shortly on soundcloud...this is the first track off our ep entitled "they're not ready"...available on
OK that's it for real..PEACE!!!

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