Monday, April 11, 2011

Upcoming shows and projects

" Do.Or do not.There is no try."
Wise words from my main man Yoda...If only Luke had listened and finished his training,dammit...anyway,what up y'all? So April 2ND at Gooski's we got down and opened for our friends Triangle & Rhino at their album release and honestly,it couldn't have gone any was a great night and we got to see a handful of old friends we hadn't seen in awhile....for me it was one of those nights that i wished would never end...eventually it did but not before Gooski's backroom got ripped if I do say so myself...everybody performing pulled out some heat and kept a full crowd entertained...when we do a pgh show,this is how we like it done...low key spot,old friends,new faces and a night of comrades sharing the stage...rj myato set it off with a 40 second noise set then it was our turn...last time at gooskis' it was just myself and Marcus performing with T&R but this time all 3 Lucid Mechanics were in the house...we pulled out some new unheard stuff and had no tech problems(always a plus)... next up was White Guilt,a collective made up of a few bands such as Dreadnots,Dirty Faces and Rob blow...Eric and Terry killed it as usual...then T&R got down and I'm glad they pulled out "roller skating bear", a lucid music favorite and not just because there's a dope break towards the songs end that we want to sample...those guys are OG's of the local scene and they always put on a good show...there was another band that got added to the bill last minute and played ( sorry I can't remember the name) but we broke out before they closed the night but overall,we had a good footage,rocked the spot,Wendy actually talked to me( not a big deal but it seemed so at the time...then again I just quoted the empire strikes back so that should give you some insight on what constitutes a"big deal" to me)...thanks to everybody who came through and to Lexso and Matt for including us..
Next show in pgh is April 16TH THIS SATURDAY..."Where its at 2" at the Irish centre...featuring us,Blockhead,Ill-esha,Digital,Powerhouse,Peter lee and a grip of others...yep,that's right,Lucid Music will be at a rave...I'm really looking forward to this one!...also May 28Th we'll be performing with Stillborn Identity ( finally!)we were supposed to get down with him awhile back and a few shows fell through but it looks like its on now.....more details as we get em...
For the past couple months we have been posting about an upcoming collab between us and producer nomak...well unfortunately it won't be happening...I was going to get into all the details about how he approached us and we went out of our way only to have him go back on his word and play us but you know what?

who cares?

not we remixed the track with our own "signature sound" (haha get it?..probably not but trust me,that's funny) and even though the nomak version was dope,this version is ten times better and we'll be giving it away for FREE very soon...industry rule # 4080...
Dr Jones aka Docjeezy has a new instrumental ep coming soon...strictly head nod title yet but he'll be giving it away for the price of on the house..look for that soon as well as another surprise from him...a pretty big one actually...and look for him April 23th @ The Gallery Acoustic Moose...more details when we get em...
OK,I think that's it...peace!

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