Monday, June 29, 2009

jamestown new york and other news

so we got back from Jamestown around 5am.the spot we performed at was called mojos and it was hella dope.we had a great experience there and the response was pretty good.thanks to the staff and all the local cats who showed us love in their city.we will def be going back out there.i guess we were the first hiphop to perform at mojos which is hella cool...hopefully we opened some doors and other acts will follow suit and start booking shows there.the sound was pretty good and its a small cozy spot so the performances are in your face.the bartender was really hot too.she looked like jessica alba! lucid music would like to thank the staff at mojos and everyone who came out to other interesting thing about Jamestown..word( their version of the city paper) wrote a little paragraph about our upcoming show and the writer showed up to check us out live.good lookin out!! thats funny...a complete stranger who has never heard/met us took the time to not only write about the show but attend himself...4 YEARS OF PERFORMING LOCALLY,4 ALBUM RELEASES AND NO MENTION OF LUCID MUSIC IN THE CITY PAPER, an outlet that "claims" to support the local art and music scene...whats up with that??
we're really looking forward to an upcoming show in new york at a venue called webster hall which is pretty major.i didn't realize just how big it was til i checked it out.this will probably be our biggest show yet.we'll put up more details when we get em...
one last thing...root70lounge will be expanding their roster releases to actual cds as well as digital downloads...remember if you purchase 'adventures of the invisble band" from root70 it will feature different cover artwork and a different track listing and one bonus track.if you live in pgh you can purchase the original version of the album at pauls in bloomfield..word thanks for everything everybody!!!

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