Sunday, July 12, 2009

we finally got a write up...

last blog i told u we got a write it is from a free zine called WORD published in Jamestown NY.its kind of like pittsburgh's city paper except they have integrity and actually support their community's music and art scene, not just their friends bands,office lackeys,knob polishers,etc.we want to thank WORD for taking the time to write about the show and we hope u enjoyed our performance at Mojo's.

''Not since the days of the Native Tongues Posse have we run across hip-hop that sounds as true to its soul and jazz roots as Lucid Music. Two self-described b-boys (haven’t heard that one in a stretch either) from the burgh we like to call Pitts, Lucid Music makes old Yo! MTV Raps geeks like us smile from ear to ear. Content warning: this is no mere retro. It’s rhyme and beat in the lineage of the Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, De La, etcetera.'' - WORD

u may have heard about MKV's upcoming solo ep.its a collaboration with overseas producer roeg du casq...i heard a couple tracks off it and it ought to be pretty dope...different from what you're used to hearing from the lucid music camp but pretty fresh.stay tuned here and on MKV's myspace page for details about its release...also warren (me) and stephen aka dr jones aka capt hate aka johnny lawrence are putting together a name yet just ideas and costumes...

oh yeah thanks to everybody who's been downloading our stuff off i-tunes and means alot to us.thanks

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