Monday, March 1, 2010

three days

what up? so we've just had three days worth of shows which was was nice to perform every night...thursday was our sit in session with triangle and rhino featuring luke live on the air at WRCT...matt and jake covered two lucid songs (three twenty and high noon) and we provided vocals...which is easier than it sounds cuz triangle and rhino just happen to be the loudest band in the city..i'm not kidding..and the funny thing is,there's only TWO of them...we figured it out though...had to perform with headphones on...jake's soon to be brother in law (is that the right title?) is making a documentary about art and was filming the session..word..
friday night was our show with pancake and the pump fakes at the 31st pub..haven't been there since was also mad snow coming down that was stopping most of the city from travelling...funny story about this show..we booked pancake for our gooski's show on sat and they asked if we would like to perform at the pub on friday..i remember saying let me "confirm it" with marcus...we didn't get back at them and we never heard from pancake about it...long story short we didn't know we were booked til like a day what,we were looking forward to getting on the mic..all good though pancake is made up of really cool people,some of whom we know from the short dark strangers,a band that has helped us out alot in this city...
pancake even provided us with transportation cuz marcus was having car issues...thanks i said there wasn't much of a crowd but shit got rocked regardless...pancake is about to tour overseas and has some vinyl coming out..thats whats up,we're hella happy for them...speaking of vinyl,anyone want to press us up? anyone? hello? is this thing on? ok whatever..
saturday night at gooski's with pancake and triangle and rhino...nice crowd...definitely got ripped or at least moderately torn...theres some footage up on was good to see alot of people i hadn't seen in awhile...gooski's is a cool spot to play,i'm glad we got the chance..thanks to everybody who braved the weather and came out..
check the myspace page or facebook for our next shows...howlers march 20,shadow lounge march 22nd(opening for 2mex) then its off to chi town and new york...PEACE

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