Saturday, April 17, 2010


April 15Th was our debut in Chicago at the darkroom and let me just say it was an experience i will never forget...we hit the road around 7am and had a flawless journey to chi town...that is until we got off the freeway and my expert driving skills got us lost for about 3 hours..after asking for directions and being thoroughly confused we finally found the venue thanks to Marcus's trusty i-phone...Chicago is an interesting place with a variety of people whose different ethic backgrounds mesh yet are segregated from block to block...latin,black,asian, and white people all getting along with each other,free to express their cultures...the darkroom is a really dope reminded us of club cafe in Pittsburgh...its located in a neighborhood called the Ukrainian village...and by the way Ukrainian women are hella beautiful...anyway the dark room had great sound,a cool soundguy and we were like two kids waking up on Christmas morning when we saw monitors on stage...a rare treat for us...everything was going smooth for an out of town show which I'm constantly told by our friends who have toured alot is not always the case...a real cool cat by the name of Ruin,the headliner's dj and spin doctor for the evening, filled us in about the kind of crowd we could expect and about chi town's local scene which mirrored Pittsburgh in a always the show started later than planned and by the time we got on stage it was in full effect...a decent sized crowd filled the floor...the first act was a rock band called manDROID which set the night off lovely...we went on next and needless to say,ripped shit in typical lucid music fashion...i always like to look at the faces of a crowd who aren't quite sure what to expect when we jump into our song,"invisible"...when the drums kick in i feel like I'm about to take off in a rocket ship and the crowd looks like they've watching aliens...aliens that know how to rock a mic,that is...30 minutes and a few sold "adventures of the invisible band"Cd's later the headliner,billa camp, hit the stage and put on "quite a show",performing songs from his new mix tape...he had a live drummer with him...that was cool and not seen too often at a hiphop after driving for about 10 hours we were pretty exhausted so we snatched a few posters off the venue walls(for the archives) and decided to call it a night...a young dark room patron thanked us for providing her with some real hiphop which made the endless driving,expensive toll booths and roach infested hotel with the door less community bathroom all worth while...oh i almost forgot...on the way back to Pittsburgh we got lost(again) and ended up driving another 10 hours(this time it can be blamed on lack of sleep instead of being an idiot)...but that's okay because along with having another out of town show under our belts we had this to keep our spirits high...Dave Paul,owner of bombhiphop records,is now our new manager!! that's right,you read that correctly...more details soon and up next...April 23Th in Rochester New York@ dubland undergound...

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