Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bombhiphop records

what up everybody? we just wanted to share some great news...we have a new manager by the name of Dave Paul...thats right Dave Paul of bombhiphop records...if your up on your hiphop history than you know what time it is and all i can say is that we're hella excited to be working with him...we're looking forward to this partnership and learning from a veteran about the ins and outs of this industry...bombhiphop records will be re releasing our album "the adventures of the invisible band" so be on the lookout for that for digital download...more details coming soon...also work on our 5Th album has begun...no official title as of yet but we've got a few ideas that we're kicking around the office... expect something different from the invisible album but just as fresh...correction even more fresh...lucid music would like thank Dave for believing in us and our plan is to uphold the tradition of ground breaking music that he's known for delivering...thanks to everybody who's been supporting us by coming out to the shows and downloading our music...i can't tell you how special you are to us...without y'all we would not have come as far as we have...so in the mean time we got a few shows coming up...may 1st in West Virginia at Davis & Elkins college( what up Geoff? thanks for the hook up!!) and May 15Th in Pittsburgh at Howlers coyote cafe(performing with like trains for taxis(new jersey) and the slant)...another eclectic mix of music for the night...stay tuned for more news...plenty of big things in the works...think "remixes"...peace!!!

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