Sunday, May 2, 2010

close encounters of the Davis & Elkins kind

whats the deal everybody? we just got back into town after our Davis & Elkins college show in WV..the drive went alot smoother this time compared to the Chicago adventure i.e. we didn't get lost...okay we did miss a turn but in our defense the street was not mentioned in our directions but the school dean Scott met up with us and everything was straight...the campus was awesome and it looks like a great place for an education...i don't think the students we saw were used to seeing three cats with baseball caps turned backwards and tattoos but hey,isn't college all about meeting new and different people? soundcheck wasn't til 7:45pm so we killed time in the Cadillac daddy cafe having a very indepth discussion about our favorite chappelle's show episodes...met with our man on campus Geoff who was responsible for us getting booked during a heated round of pool...stephen was getting his tom cruise color of money on...we got to the performance area and waited for our started to rain but that worked in our favor by keeping the crowd from leaving...not to mention the students who saw us earlier realized those three weirdos were up to something..after a small technical issue with a cable or two we jumped into things around was the first time we ever used cordless mics and the sound was dope...shit got rocked...we dedicated the show to guru and represented hiphop lovely...after killing it with an ill scratch display stephen got from behind the decks and me and him proceeded to see if we could make marcus laugh in the middle of his verses...he kept his composure hahaha...then they turned around and did the same to me!!...basically we had a great time on stage by having fun and not being all serious (you know like a gritty keep it real true hiphop crew is supposed to do)and rocked it.shout out to Geoff and his boys for bringing a crowd and showing us love...i was told there was some performance footage taken that we will put up shortly...thanks to the student body for braving the rain...they weren't ready(ya know that joke will always be funny to me)for what was in store but like denzil said,"they gonna get an education today!" short,a great show and we had a blast doing show is May 15Th at Howlers with new jersey act like trains for taxis and pgh band the slant...this is also the first pgh show featuring the return of dr stay tuned and a special shout out to the grown men in front wearing children's white belly shirts and tight girl jeans in WV who enjoyed our set so much....thats a really good look,keep it up! peace...

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