Saturday, May 15, 2010

may 15th@ howlers

all right...or should i say aight??...thats me getting my hiphop we just left howlers coyote cafe after killing it on a warm sat night...perfect night for a show...the turnout was pretty good considering that there were a bunch of shows going on tonight..half of which are our friends bands!!..all good though...plenty of people in the city,enough for all of us to share when it comes to a crowd right?..the sound at howlers was awesome as it always is...we went on first which is a bit of a change up for us but it actually worked in our favor...dr jones set the night off with a dope set of funky 45's...its a treat to listen to him dj cuz not only are his crates tasty,he knows what to play and when...i brought him some vinyl out of my personal collection to play that he ended up stealing hahaha...can't trust those vinyl up was like trains and taxis and after that dreamjob took the stage...they were a fill in for the slant who backed out of the show without telling anyone...not the way to keep it cool with a venue by the way but i guess thats how some bands handle business...we had a short but fresh impromptu set...lots of laughing in between songs and i almost tripped over some cords...betsey saw it and i'm assuming everyone else did too...don't worry folks i'm sure one of us will be taking a header sooner or later which should add to the physical comedy part of the show...props to marcus for not laughing during so amazing even though me and stephen tried our hardest to make it happen...i wasn't so lucky during the truth pt 3...some live sound footage should be up shortly... not of me laughing but of us actually rockin it...okay back to working on the new album..check back here for the latest...peace!! oh and once again,thanks to jo, mark and everybody at howlers who came out and enjoyed the show!

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