Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fresh From Howlers...

what up kids? below is a bit from our last show at howlers...just something we do at live shows in between actual songs...for lack of a better name its referred to as the lucid music medley...that night was very carefree hence the giggling during verses...when marcus rhymes its the rest of the crew's duty to make him laugh and vice versa during my verses...still working on how to make stephen laugh while the meantime here's some updates...writing has begun for the new album...most of the beats have been picked out and they're HEAT if you ask me...expect something different this time around compared to the last album...lyric wise,you know how we get down and of course be on the lookout for another dj hiphop record is complete without one...we picked a winner for our remix contest...his name is rockpound from Germany...he put a twist on "bringin it back" and along with adamatic's remix of "instant love" it will be featured on our upcoming deluxe version of "adventures of the invisible band"...available for digital download on bombhiphop records coming soon...thanks to everyone who submitted...a new logo and t shirts are also on the way...until next time...may the force be with you and these aren't the droids you're looking for...PEACE!!
Lucid Music Medley15th, 2010 by LucidMusic

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